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I think you know that Nuller is fluffy and fat, because you read " The Boss ".  If you diden't read it, I want you to jump back, and read it. it'll so great! Thank you ❤


Name:   Nuller Lillefis Tarp Beth                           

D.O.B:    september 1. 2017

Nationality:   Denmark


Guinea Pig Skill

 This is skills for any Guinea pigs. 

Here's 3 points!

 1. poop

 2. eat

 3. popcorning


They poop almost all the time. That was one of the most important thing to do. If their poop is a little slender than usual, I think they are sick. but don't be afraid, because it rarely happens.


Eating is the MOST important thing for guinea pigs.If they are not for the right food, they can die. So please use the right food for them! We use "Cavia Complete". That was realy good fro our guinea pigs.


Popcorning is when they are realy happy, and jump around. fx. if they come into a new clean cage. Also if they hear us open the refrigerator. Here's a video of a guinea pig squick and popcorning. 

Here's the best picture of Nuller❤


Thank you for read, about Nuller

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